How to Encourage Your Child to Read

Do you want to know how to encourage your child to read? Children enjoy reading when they are exposed to books early in their lives. I’ve put together a list of twelve great tips to help you encourage your child to read. The list will go over many different ways to get your child engaged in reading, including some that might seem non-conventional at first. Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

12 Tips to Encourage Kids to Read

Here’s my twelve tips to encourage kids to read more.

1 – Read to Your Child at An Early Age

Before they can read themselves, start reading to your child. Read one book to them every day. The goal is to be read to, rather than to read themselves. Research shows that when parents read to their children, their children have a better grasp on vocabulary and reading skills.

Also, when a child is read to, it inspires a love for books and reading, which is a great foundation for their reading skills. So start reading to your child at a young age and keep it up. They will love it, and it will help them later on in life.

2 – Start a Home Library

A home library is a great thing to have around. My home always has a large selection of books to read. One idea to get you started is to fill a bookcase with books that interest your child. The type of books on the shelf will depend on what types of books your child likes right now.

For example, if your child loves animals, you could make sure to have a selection of animal books for them to read. A home library is a great way to expose your child to many different kinds of books early on.

3 – Have a Set Time for Reading Every Day

Reading every day has two main advantages for children. One of them is that it sets a routine for reading in their minds. They will know at a certain time every day that it is time to read. It is a routine that they can get used to, and it helps them to keep up with reading.

The second advantage is that it will give them time to read. We are all busy these days, and it is hard to find time to get caught up on all of our reading. A reading time will give your child time to read, which is a great thing to have as they get older.

4 – Take Trips to the Library

Make sure to take your child to the library on a regular basis. Having to go to the library only occasionally is a great way to keep them from getting into the habit of going to the library.

Make it a point to go to the library at least once or twice a week. The more often you go to the library, the more likely your child will be to go on his or her own.

5 – Have Plenty of Books at Home

Make sure to have plenty of books around your home. It is a great way to encourage children to read. Books that are accessible to children at all times will encourage them to read more. Adding books to your home library will also help.

6 – Read When You Go Somewhere

Take books on long car rides, trips, and when traveling. It is a great way to get your child reading more often. Make sure to let them pick out their own books as well, so they will feel as though they have ownership over the books they read. As they pick out books, they will feel as though they are a part of the experience.

7 – Talk About Books

Reading is a great way to open the door for conversations. Make sure you talk to your children about the books they read. This can be added to the list of benefits of reading.

If you talk with your children about books, they will learn how to elaborate on their thoughts. They will also learn other things about books and reading. Reading and conversations go hand in hand, especially when reading with your children.

8 – Take Your Child to Bookstores

It is a great way for your child to learn about different books. It is a great way for your child to develop a love for reading by seeing books in person. Bookstores are also a great place to get great book recommendations.

Take your child to a bookstore and let him or her pick out several books they would like to read. Then, when they are done reading, they will be able to recommend the books to their friends and family.

9 – Have Books Always Available

Always have books available to read. Whether they are in the car, in the kitchen, or in other areas of your home, they need to be able to read whenever they have free time.

This is a great way to get them reading more often. This will make reading part of their routine and make reading a regular activity in their lives.

10 – Use Technology to Read Books

Many children enjoy listening to books on tape. This is a great way to get them used to the idea of reading. Listening to books on tape is also a great way to get them reading.

If a child sees a book they like, they might be inclined to listen to the book on tape. This will increase the chances of them reading a book that they might not have otherwise enjoyed.

11 – Start a Book Club

If you would like your child to read more, start a book club. Gather several children together and have them exchange books. Then, have a book club meeting where everyone can talk about the books they read.

The more children you can get involved in the club, the better. Even though you are reading the books yourselves, you can still have a book club meeting. This will encourage your child to read and make reading more of a social activity.

12 – Use TV or Video Games to Encourage Reading

This is a great way to get your child reading. If your child loves a television show, such as a cartoon or a movie, they might be inclined to read the book as well.

This way you can get your child reading while they are also engaged in something they enjoy. This is a great way to introduce children to a love of reading.

Want More Tips to Encourage Reading?

If you would like more tips to encourage your child to read more, it is also a great idea to get involved in your child’s school. If there is a reading club or reading program at the school, be sure to get involved. The more involved you are in your child’s education the better the odds of them doing well in school.

Reading is a great way to get involved with your children. It is fun to do and helps you bond with them. So make it a priority to read with your children. Make them feel like they are a part of the reading experience. This will get them involved and make them want to read more.