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Getting Kids Excited About Reading … even Reluctant Readers!

Hoosier Chapter Books publishes the kind of books we would want to read to our own children. We also cover many family topics, parenting advice, play ideas, and more. Our team strives to put out quality content that helps while keeping you entertained.

Effective Ways to Encourage Empathy in Your Kids

Empathy is not merely an emotion; it is a profound connective force that binds us together in understanding and mutual respect. It’s the ability to comprehend and share the fee…

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Strategies for Developing a Positive Attitude in Children

In the journey of parenting, one of the most rewarding and impactful roles we undertake is shaping our children’s mindset. We aspire not only to nurture our kids into becoming …

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How to Help Your Anxious Child: 4 Fabulous Tips

Just like adults do, it’s normal for children to feel afraid sometimes. The world is a scary place to be and children don’t have much in the way of experience. In fact, more th…

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Meal Prepping? Here’s Some Delicious Options to Try!

Meal prepping may sound like a difficult job to do if you’ve never done it before, but really it’s going to help you to save time. Incorporating a meal prep Sunday into y…

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4 Tips For Teaching Your Child Self Discipline

Every single adult gets to the point where they know right from wrong, even with those small inconvenient things such as having to ditch unhealthy food and swap to something healthie…

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How To Create Nothing But Positive Vibes Around The House

Every single homeowner on this planet wants to live in a place that makes them feel positive. Whether you live on your own or you live with your family, you have to ensure that your …

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Teaching Your Kids to Be More Responsible

Children who are responsible are more likely to succeed in life. They will understand their obligations and take them seriously and they will be better citizens, better employees and…

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Setting Good Money Examples For Your Kids

Setting an example for your family is one of your biggest responsibilities as a parent. And more so than ever, it’s a good idea to pass on healthy money habits to the next generation…

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How To Be Happy As A Family

Do you ever wonder what makes for a successful and, perhaps most importantly, happy family or how certain families are able to connect so easily to one another, even when they’…

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Winterize Your Home to Save Money: 9 Helpful Tips

It’s that time of the year again. The dreaded cold is here and you need to protect your home and loved ones. There are a number of ways you can do it. I’ve put together a…

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Preparing for Fatherhood: 12 Practical Tips for Fathers

If you’re preparing to become a father, it is important to be informed. You don’t want to go into it blindly. There are many things that you need to have prepared. Over t…

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20 Best Magnetic Toys for Kids: Keep Them Engaged

I’ve compiled an extensive list of the best magnetic toys for kids available online which will help keep your kid engaged while you catch up on some chores or rest. Toys are im…

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What Makes Hoosier Chapter Books Different?

Looking for Chapter Books for Kids? You’ve come to the right place. Hoosier Chapter Books publishes books for children, currently for ages 3 to 12 years old, with engaging stories that parents can feel good about reading to their children or having them read on their own.

We’re a small, family-run publishing house, and we pride ourselves on being responsive and interactive with our readers. We want to know what you think, and we want you to tell us.

We’re serious about providing quality books for children, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re here for kids, and we want to have a great time doing it. Looking for difficult to find toys? We have a bunch of those too.

We realize that parents have a lot on their plates. They may not have time to do a lot of reading to their kids. That’s why our books are designed to be read together.

Our chapter books are the kind that parents and kids can both enjoy together, and you won’t find any scary parts or bad language. We’re proud to say that all our books are appropriate for kids aged 6 to 12.

We work with talented authors and graphic designers who do their homework. The team knows and loves children’s literature, and they know what works for kids. We create books that are funny, surprising, suspenseful, and most of all, fun to read. Additionally, the team is working on making our blog even better to increase exposure.

We’re always looking for great new ideas for chapter books for children – and posts for our family blog. If you have ideas on a book your child would love to read, let us know. So called “reluctant readers” are an important group of children in our opinion. Our fun video game books for kids help even the most reluctant reader put down their phone for a while.

Quality Chapter Books are Vital for Children

Chapter books are the first stepping stones to becoming a lifelong reader. They encourage kids to discover the joys of reading, and they help develop a healthy love of books. If your children love video games and you want to encourage them to read, you’ll want to check out our video game books. Read them together and share the laughs. Or watch them devour the books one after another.

We look forward to establishing a good relationship with all parents who purchase and read our books. If you’re shy, that’s okay too. For those more social, we have a Facebook group where you can interact with other parents searching for good chapter books for children of all ages. Paul Bellow is a LitRPG Author and loves telling stories and helping other authors in addition to publishing this website.