Best Sensory Toys for Newborns (2022 Edition)

There’s something about newborns and the way they’re experiencing the world for the first time. Helping them learn with the right sensory toys can help your newborns develop and grow.

Newborns are learning how to explore their world. So, it’s important that you have the right sensory toys for them. The best sensory toys for newborns include ones that are simple and offer new experiences.

7 Best Sensory Toys for Newborns.

Here’s our picks for the best sensory toys for newborns.

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose

When it comes to sensory toys for newborns, Lamaze is a name parents know and trust. This is because all Lamaze toys are designed to stimulate the baby’s senses. Mortimer the Moose is a classic Lamaze toy that babies can snuggle up with.

Mortimer’s soft, squeezable belly is sure to keep the baby entertained. You can also stimulate the baby’s emerging senses with Mortimer’s bright colors, satin knottie legs and multiple textures on his hooves.

The antlers are great for teething babies, and the crinkles and jingles will delight your baby. If you like, you can clip Mortimer onto a baby’s stroller or diaper bag for easy portability. Oh, this does make sounds too, making it a great sensory toy.

Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat

This sensory toy for newborns is an inflatable water mat that your baby will love. It’s non-toxic and free of BPA, phthalate and lead. The mat is made from heavy duty PVC which has been tested and doesn’t leak air or water.

It’s a great way for your baby to develop muscles in their neck and shoulders, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills by following the floating toys and bat at them as they float by. Sensory toys for newborns are important to help with brain development.

The bright colors, rattle and mirror toys will fascinate your baby. This mat is easy to set up. Just inflate the outer ring and fill the inner mat with water. The mat will keep your baby busy for hours.

The mat is large enough for your baby to move around on, but not too big that it will take up too much space when folded. It rolls up easily for you to transport in your stroller or diaper bag. You can air out any plastic smell by letting it air out for a few days.

Developmental Bumpy Ball Toy

This wonderful sensory toy for newborn babies is safe and reliable. It’s a practical toy for developmental growth from 0 to 3 months. This is a classic toy that will teach your baby about variety and develop their sense of touch.

This bumpy ball for 6 to 12 month old babies is chunky, and your baby will love playing with it. It also encourages your baby to reach, grasp and transfer from hand to hand for 3 to 12 months

The sensory toy is made from soft, burr free material that won’t irritate your baby’s hands or skin. Overall, this a time-tested classic, and it’s usually WELL under $20. If you’re looking for a sensory toy for your baby, you’ve found it.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

When talking about sensory toys for babies and newborns, Manhattan Toy company knows a thing or two. Their Winkel rattle and teether toy has been tested by parents and pediatricians alike.

This toy promotes clutching and two-handed play, while the center cube with tapered corners encases a quiet but pleasing rattle to provide auditory stimulus. This toy is easy to grasp and ideal for infants who are just beginning to hold their own toys.

The Winkel has a mesmerizing maze of soft and continuous BPA-free teething tubes for your baby to chew on. It can be refrigerated for additional soothing comfort. Overall, the Winkel is a perfect shower gift for new moms and it’s a time-honored baby toy.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

This is the ultimate sensory toys for newborns up to one year old babies. Yes, it’s a bit on the expensive, but this is one of the most versatile toys you will ever buy your baby. It includes balls and teethers to play and chew on, and batting toys to grab and hold.

It comes with a guide that will help you determine when to remove a certain toy, and this will depend on the development of your baby. The set is easy to put up and take down, making it great for storage and portability. It has also been crafted using ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

It has 5 Montessori-inspired development zones that reveal and conceal to prevent over stimulation, and it comes with 3 adjustable clips to engage your baby’s senses at every angle. The Play Gym will promote brain and motor skill development with removable accessories that can be used for stage based learning.

Overall, it is one of the best sensory baby toys to buy if you want something that will help with motor skill development and is also fun.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

If you want a toy that will last for the first year of your baby’s life, this is it! It has piano keys, it has a toy arch that can be repositioned, it has a detachable keyboard, and it has 4 musical settings for your baby to enjoy.

It will also grow with your baby and will change with your baby as they develop. It engages babies’ developing visual, tactile, and auditory senses, and it promotes their gross motor skills. This toy is designed to keep your baby’s curiosity and wonder going strong.

One cool thing is that it has four stages. Lay and Play, Tummy Time, Sit and Play, and Take-Along. As your baby grows, this sensory toy will grow with them! It is machine-washable and it has a padded mat for comfort for your baby. Plus, it comes with 2 rattle maracas and 5 colorful light-up keys. Sensory toys for newborns do not need to be boring!

Overall, this newborn sensory toy is perfect for any baby. If you’re looking for one that will grow with your baby and engage them at every step of the way, this is the toy to get. It’s available at Amazon with high reviews and a reasonable price.

Smily Mia Penguin Buddy Silicone Baby Teething Toy

Teething toys are sensory toys? Well, in a way! The Penguin Buddy from Smily Mia is a baby teething toy that your baby can hold and play with, and it can be used to help them develop motor skills. It is made from silicone, so you don’t have to worry about BPA and PVC, and it is easy to sterilize.

It includes a stem on the inside of the penguin that is attached to a ring that your baby can hold. This helps to prevent them from getting their fingers stuck in their mouth. The penguin also has nipples on either side of the penguin that your baby can reach to grasp. This is also very helpful in developing motor skills.

This is a great addition to your baby’s sensory toy collection. It’s available at Amazon for around $10 with a decent number of reviews, so you can count on it being a good teething toy for your newborn.

Best Value on Sensory Toys?

If you want to find the best value on sensory toys for newborns, we recommend shopping at Amazon. You can find all sorts of sensory toys listed by a variety of factors. Be sure to read the positive AND the negative reviews for the best overview of the particular product you’re looking at. All the sensory toys linked on this page have been checked out by our staff already, so keep that in mind.

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