How To Be Happy As A Family

Do you ever wonder what makes for a successful and, perhaps most importantly, happy family or how certain families are able to connect so easily to one another, even when they’re not actually together?

The good news is, this seemingly impossible scenario doesn’t have to be a dream – it can happen, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Even in these increasingly hectic times, a happy family can be created with relatively little effort.

Read on to find out how to do it.

Share An Emotional Connection

Members of a happy family feel very close to each other. They care for each other and feel loved by each other. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are always there to help and cheer each other on. They talk to each other more, which makes it easier for them to understand each other’s body language and actions. They also spend more time together, hug, and say, “I love you.” All of these things help people understand each other better and share a strong emotional connection. 

Do Activities Together

Joyful families make it a routine to spend time together engaging in activities that bring them closer together, are enjoyable, and produce great experiences and happy memories for the whole family. This not only helps to fortify the links that bind the family together but also makes the environment at home more cheerful and fun.

These activities could be something active like a sport or something creative like making the family’s favorite Swiss roll cake. It could take place indoors or outdoors. What really matters is that you’re spending time together and making great memories. 

Have Limited Screen Time

Even though technology has made our lives easier, our love of digital devices has made us more focused on ourselves and less interested in other people. Families that get along well make it a point to limit how much these things are used. This gives them a chance to spend more time together.

Limiting screen time might be something you associate with the younger members of the family, but it’s just as important for adults to limit their screen time as well. If you want your children to do something, you should lead by example. Plus, it’s better for your health, happiness, and family, as we already said. 

Make Decisions Together

Getting everyone, especially the kids, involved in making decisions is a big part of making a happy family. When children know that their needs, desires, and ideas are valued and taken into account, it boosts their sense of self-worth and loyalty to the family. Making decisions as a family also makes everyone feel like they belong.

Another benefit to making these collective decisions is that you might hear some ideas you hadn’t come across or even considered before. Although there will need to be a consensus in the end and perhaps just one person to make the final decision (otherwise it can get complicated and take too long), having all these new ideas and different perspectives can be ideal. 

Share Memories And Experiences

Everyone in the family has to do their daily jobs and responsibilities; they’ll go out to work or school, or they’ll stay home and work. There will be jobs to do around the house too. In other words, you can’t be together at all times (and that is probably a good thing).

However, despite all of this, the happiest families will always be excited to tell the rest of the group all about what they have been doing. When they get home or are back together, everyone will be eager to hear about each other’s days and talk about what they did.

Happy families also talk about things they did together in the past, like when they all went on a trip or when something funny happened at a family get-together, etc. This might come about because they’re watching a home movie or looking at photo albums, or it might be that someone suddenly remembers something that happened and wants to share that memory. No matter the reason, it’s good that it happened. 

Have Family Vacations

Family vacations are the perfect time for everyone to get together and enjoy themselves. Families who spend their holidays together are typically happier and have stronger bonds with one another than those who do not. They make an effort to participate in activities that are fun for all of them and build enduring memories whenever possible – and we’ve already seen how important that is. 

Taking a trip together is not only a fun way to spend time together, but it also helps you learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes. You can get to know people much better just by spending some time with one another.

Kathy Stone

Kathy Stone

Kathy Stone has been in love with words (and books) since she was a child. Kathy’s favorite books growing up were from the Sweet Valley High series, Nancy Drew, and the Goosebumps series. These books gave her a love of reading and writing, and one day she would love to pass that on to others through her own chapter books.Kathy has been a part of this company for a little more than a year and has loved every minute of it. She is a mother of one and is living in Indianapolis, IN. Kathy loves a good book, loves a good laugh, and loves to see the smile on a child's face when they read a good book. Find out more on the Kathy Stone bio page.