Are Toys a Waste of Money or Worth Every Penny?

This is a common, and hotly debated question. The answer depends on the child, the toy, and the situation. A great toy can provide a child with valuable experiences that encourage the development of important life skills. Let’s dive into the subject of whether toys are a waste of money a little deeper. Are Toys … Read more

Are Toys Important for Child Development?

Yes! Educational toys in particular are a great tool for development. Think of it this way… the more a child plays and practices, the more they have to work the muscles in their hands, their brains, and their imagination. Using their imagination as they act out stories, or create a world with their toys is … Read more

Timeless Toys Designed to Inspire Kids’ Development

New Collection from Melissa and Doug Includes Wooden Toys that Reflect Continued Commitment to Incorporating Renewable Materials When it comes to wooden and sustainable toys, Melissa & Doug is the #1 preschool brand, continuing to create innovative and open-ended products that inspire learning through play. Their infant and toddler toy collection, from birth to two … Read more