Addams Family Halloween Costumes: 6 Best in 2022

Halloween is around the corner, and what’s more fun than dressing up as a character your favorite character? That’s right: Addams Family Halloween costumes for everyone! (Side note: This was a favorite show of mine growing up…)

If you love the Addams Family, it can be a great way for your own family to all dress with a theme. All sorts of costumes can be made from scratch or bought at a store. The costumes can be simple or elaborate and go beyond the most famous characters from the cartoon.

From Wednesday to Pugsley to Lurch and the Thing – not to mention Morticia and her husband Gomez, there are all sorts of characters to choose from and costumes to make or buy. Whether you’re going to a haunted house or staying at home, these are great fun.

I’ve put together a list of the best Addams Family Halloween costumes to get you and your family started in looking for the best choice for you and your family this Halloween.

From a Pugsly Halloween costume to a Addams Family hand costume prop, we’ve got the Uncle Fester costume you want this year. (We’re still looking for the best Lurch costume, so stay tuned.

Addams Family Halloween Costumes

Our list of the best Addams Family Halloween costumes this year.

Wednesday Addams Costume

This costume includes a white peter pan collar that has been folded down and cuffs. The dress is elastic, and has an invisible zipper in the back. It’s made of polyester and cotton, so it’s soft and comfortable to wear. This is a great costume for your little Wednesday!

If you’re putting together matching costumes for your family this Halloween and concentrating on the Addams Family, or you’re just looking for something cute for your Wednesday Addams to wear this year, you’ve come to the right place.

The Wednesday costume is the classic outfit that will go great with other Addams Family Halloween costumes that I’ll be reviewing below. The price is fairly reasonable, especially if you get more than one use out of it.

Overall, the costumes are great. Like most costumes, they run a little small, so double-check the sizes when you buy to ensure a good fit. It’s nice that there are a few sizes to choose from, but the price might be a bit high for some.

Uncle Fester Halloween Mask

Got a date with Debbie this Halloween, or just want to scare the trick or treaters? This is the perfect Halloween mask for you! The Uncle Fester Halloween Mask is made of latex, for a realistic feel and color. It comes with realistic details such as wrinkles and turkey neck, just like in the original show!

This mask is sure to win prizes at your next Halloween party, and it’s great if you’re trying for matching Addams Family Halloween costumes this year. Getting Uncle Fester is pretty easy, since he’s a unique character.

This mask is a facial mask, with holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth. It completely covers your head, making it easy to see out of when you’re at a party. The high-quality latex is comfortable to wear, and it’s not too hot or uncomfortable.

A bonus is that it’s smell-free, since many masks have an unpleasant smell. The mask comes in a variety of sizes, making it easy to get a perfect fit. Overall, I think it’s a great mask for the price.

Realistic Props Stage Hands

When putting together Addams Family Halloween costumes, getting the props right is absolutely necessary. This is where these prosthetic hands come in. You can’t forget the Thing, of course! These are high-quality pieces, made of latex and foam, to give you the authentic appearance of real hands.

Sometimes, just carrying an extra hand around can be enough to add some creepiness to your costume, regardless of what you’re wearing. They’re also great for playing pranks on your friends, family, or neighbors. The possibilities are endless.

This product is great for indoor or outdoor use. They’re non-toxic, child safe, and they’re a great value for the price, especially if you’re getting more than one use out of them. (Who knows when you might need an extra hand!)

In all seriousness, I think this is a great product for the Addams Family costumes you’re putting together.

Morticia Addams Family Halloween Costume

This Morticia costume is the perfect outfit for Halloween. It has a very body-hugging effect, thanks to its elastic velvet, and the sexy big V-shaped neckline can be worn as either a V-neck or off the shoulder. The cuffs are flared sleeves and there are complex lotus leaf designs at the ends of them.

The dress also has a slim fit and is maxi length, so it looks good on any body type. This dress is great for women of all shapes, which I love. Morticia is an essential part of Addams Family Halloween costumes, so there’s no way I’d skip out on this dress.

Several dress sizes are available, and you’ll want to be careful when deciding which one you want to buy. The dress sizing instructions are a bit unclear, and the smaller sizes are somewhat tight. Overall, though, I love the dress.

Gomez Addams Mens Costume

This Gomez costume is the perfect outfit to wear to a themed party, whether you want to dress up as part of a group or as a family. It is officially licensed and the costume is made of polyester, which is a durable, but light-weight fabric. It does not have a closure and must be put on over your head.

You should note that costume sizes are NOT the same as apparel sizes. You need to double check the Rubie’s ADULT MALE SIZE CHART in the images and read the customer reviews and questions, to make sure you are buying the right size.

The costume consists of a jacket with attached false shirt front and attached tie, plus a pair of pant bottoms and a molded plastic half mask. You can also buy additional costume and accessory pieces, to dress up as Morticia, Wednesday and Uncle Fester, and more.

Overall, Addams Family Halloween costumes are great for themed parties, and this costume is no exception.

Morticia Long-Hair Wig

If you want to put the final touches on your Morticia Addams costume, then look no further than this Morticia Long-Hair Wig. This wig definitely makes a bold statement, and I have to say, I love it. The wig is made with a brand new wig style and it is adjustable, which makes it even better.

Be careful with the wig though. It does shed a little when you first use it, but that is normal. This wig would be great for a number of costume ideas, and it is, of course, a great addition for Morticia Addams costumes.

Overall, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s a great quality wig that should last for more than one Halloween party. If you’re trying to take your Addams Family Halloween costumes over the top, this wig is a must-have.

Addams Family Halloween Costumes: Closing Thoughts

Addams Family Halloween Costumes
Addams Family Halloween Costumes

If you’re putting together an Addams Family Halloween costume, you have plenty of options! You can create your own Halloween dress up box, complete with Morticia, Wednesday, and Uncle Fester costumes.

Addams Family Halloween costumes are a great choice for family Halloween costumes, and you can even include your kids in the fun. Their costumes can be individual, or you can create a whole family of creepy characters.

What’s great about Addams Family Halloween costumes is that you can use them year after year. This year, you might be Morticia, but next year you can be Uncle Fester or Lurch, or Gomez. You can even get a group together and go around the neighborhood as a whole family of Addams characters.

Don’t forget about costumes for your dog too! If you’re going to dress up together as the Addams Family, why not include the whole family?

If you’re planning an entire Addams Family Halloween costume, you’ll need all the pieces, including wigs and props, to go along with your outfits. Addams Family Halloween costumes always impress, and that’s why they’re always a popular choice for years. If you’re planning a themed party, the Addams Family is the perfect solution.

At the end of the day, you might be asking yourself how you can top the Addams Family Halloween costumes. The answer is that there is no topping the Addams Family Halloween costumes. The only thing you can do is try to be as creepy and cool as the Addams Family.

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