Timeless Toys Designed to Inspire Kids’ Development

New Collection from Melissa and Doug Includes Wooden Toys that Reflect Continued Commitment to Incorporating Renewable

When it comes to wooden and sustainable toys, Melissa & Doug is the #1 preschool brand, continuing to create innovative and open-ended products that inspire learning through play. Their infant and toddler toy collection, from birth to two years, is filled with toys that encourage essential skill-building through interactive play and engaging play patterns.

“Play is essential for healthy baby and toddler development, which is why we offer toys that provide a launchpad for discovery and imagination,” said Bridgette Miller, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a collection of open-ended toys that inspire imagination so young children can engage in fun and developmental learning at the same time. In addition, many of the wooden toys in this collection continue to reflect our commitment to making timeless, sustainable toys for a thriving and inclusive world.”

As kids get older, their toy choices evolve and become more sophisticated. And while Melissa & Doug already offers a wide selection of products to meet the changing needs of children, their latest line of toys are designed to help each child find the right path to learning, play and building their own path forward. The company’s talented design team has proven itself again with this new collection, providing both quality and design while partnering with a leading design firm to bring this vision to life.

“After speaking with countless parents, caregivers, educators, and developmental experts, we realized there was a real void in the infant toy space,” said Sofia Dumery, Senior Vice President of Design. “Our goal was to not only bring something new to the market, but address a true consumer need for functional toys designed to effectively support the developmental growth of infants and toddlers.”

The new Baby and Toddler line features 16 items, including:

  • GO Tots – A collection of relatable, diverse characters that are fun to roll, stack and grasp! Double-sided chunky FSC®-certified wooden GO Tots™ tumble and twirl through a variety of new playsets and offer children 12 months and older countless opportunities to enhance developmental skills rolling through delightful motion-driven moments.
  • Rollables – Inspire imaginative adventures with these adorably round characters that are firm enough to roll but soft enough to squeeze! Introduce babies 6 months and older to cause-and-effect and character play by dropping your favorite Rollables characters into a variety of new playsets containing FSC-certified wood and watch them roll and bounce their way to the bottom.
  • Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart – This playful and sturdy wooden grocery cart is filled with fun skill-building activities for children 12 months and older including sorting, matching and sensory stimulation. As kids grow, using the cart as a push toy helps build motor skills and inspire imaginative play.
  • Pineapple Soft Stacker – This 5-piece multi-textured toy will stimulate the senses of babies 6 months and older with different textures and sounds as they grasp, squeeze, shake, and stack this happy-faced pineapple.

From classic wooden toys to crafts and pretend play, Melissa & Doug products provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover their passions and their purpose.

Recognized by parents as the #1 preschool brand for wooden toys, Melissa & Doug is committed to its vision of making timeless, sustainable toys for a thriving and inclusive world. Melissa & Doug is proudly partnering with the American Academy of Pediatrics to foster early brain development and to champion the health benefits of open-ended play through their joint Power of Play alliance. 

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